Those of us with Save Maricopa Hwy want a smarter safety plan for Ojai.

Don’t be deceived, please read our position:


We support smarter safety for everyone: cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

We are Ojai cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Ojai’s current plan is the wrong solution for Ojai and wasteful of limited State grant funds.

STOP the lane reduction. It will not add to safety.

The Lane Reduction will add to driver frustration and lead to motorist diversion into surrounding neighborhoods.

Traffic into Nordhoff High School is heavy before any lane reduction. Don’t make it worse.

Our plan gives cyclists and motorists a safe route to/from school.


Bike safety on Maricopa Hwy will be better with wide painted bike lanes separated from cars with reflective posts.

Trees and parked cars block motorists’ view increasing danger. Reflective posts don’t block visibility.

Our plan utilizes posts and painted bike lanes at the cost of $300,000. The City plan of blocking a traffic lane costs $1.2M


Pedestrian-activated red lights will effectively stop cars!

The current flashing yellow crosswalk lights means “proceed with caution”, not “STOP”.

Our plan adds more pedestrian crossings with red lights, and pedestrian sidewalks where there currently are none.


Spend our State grant money where it is needed, which is from the “Y” along the 150 through downtown east.

This is where the accidents happen.

Don’t spend any more Ojai taxpayer money on Maricopa Hwy. To date Ojai City has spent $140,000 of Ojai taxpayer money.

Our plan uses the limited State grant funds to make all of Ojai a safer place.

Invite your neighbors to join us at SaveMaricopaHwy.com to stay informed and to send our message to the Ojai City Council.