Tell Ojai “NO” to Indemnity Risk for Demonstration Project.

NO! on Item 3 - Don't Indemnify SCAG

Dear Ojai City Council

Do not indemnify SCAG, the funding source for the ATP demonstration project.

Indemnifying SCAG risks Ojai taxpayer money on the demonstration project.

The indemnity exposes Ojai to unlimited liability to pay SCAG's legal bills and any penalty.

Even if Ojai's insurance pays the cost, Ojai's insurance costs will increase.

The City Council voted to not spend Ojai taxpayer money on the ATP lane reduction, that includes the demonstration project.

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To Members of Save Maricopa Hwy,

Is Ojai City being transparent with Ojai citizens?

At the upcoming City Council meeting (Tues. night, Nov. 10th), City Council is planning to sign a Memo of Understanding that Ojai indemnifies the funder of the ATP demonstration project, which is SCAG. 

This indemnity exposes Ojai to unlimited liability.  Ojai will be on the hook for SCAG’s legal costs and penalties.

Even if Ojai’s insurance pays the cost, Ojai’s insurance rates will increase.

You won’t find anything about this risk in the agenda.  

Tell the City Council “NO!” at the upcoming meeting (Tues. Nov. 10th).

Don’t indemnify SCAG which risks Ojai taxpayer money.

Go to – -to sign up to speak at the City Council Mtg on Item 3.  Tell them “NO!”

To read the City Council information, go to –

Thank you for your help to send the message “NO!”

Alternatively, you can send an email to the City Council by going to –